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Celebrate eco-friendly festivals with Mayori

Celebrate eco-friendly festivals with Mayori

 It is officially the festive season of India when we celebrate Navratri, Durga Puja, Diwali, Christmas, and everyone’s favorite New years eve! Many have changed in these pandemic times, and our grand celebrations have become more intimate because of COVID19 restrictions. There is also a much greater need for an eco-friendly and sustainable celebration. Over the years, festive celebrations in India have led to increased water and noise pollution. Now more than ever, we must embark on a path to sustainability.

Eco-Friendly celebration ideas by Mayori

At Mayori, we celebrate natural fabrics, hand-blended spices, and the gift of giving back. Mayori’s garments are made consciously with 100% cotton fabrics and responsible dyes, carbon positive operations, and fewer waste facilities, yet we guarantee zero shrinkage in all our clothes. All our materials are rewashed, giving us the privilege of ensuring that color won’t bleed in any of our garments.


  • Go green. Buy eco-friendly idols and decorations, and serve prasad on banana leaves instead of small plastic cups or bowls. Beautiful handcrafted clay, metal, and stone idols are available in the market that do not impact the environment or create toxic waste.

 buy eco-friendly idols and decorations

  • Cook at home. Cooking at home is an excellent way to ensure healthy and sustainable meals. You can source local and fresh produce, control the portions, and make sure the dish is exactly how you want it! Cooking at home is also much better for the environment than getting takeaways. Try handcrafted spice blends from the Conscious Ras-Soi by Mayori to recreate festive favorites at home.

handcrafted spice blends from Conscious Ras-Soi by Mayori

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  • Promote slow fashion. Did you know the fashion industry is known for being one of the biggest polluters in the world? The environmental effect of fast fashion will be devastating for the planet. Opt for fashion-conscious brands, upcycle old garments, or buy vintage this festive season. Explore the wildflower collection by Mayori for 100% natural cotton garments and beautiful designs.

wildflower collection by mayori


Remember, there is no planet B, and we must all do our bit to save Mother Earth.


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