Conscious Giving

 Sooner or later in our lives we understand the true meaning and importance of giving back. While some of us are privileged to have options when it comes to shopping clothes, shoes and other essentials, there are a few that smile with even the little things they have. We feel privileged to take up this little initiative of giving back to bring in a change and spread smiles all across with this simple selfless act of love.

With your every buy, the initiative strives to bring vogue and philanthropy closer by choosing to give away the needful to the needy. The inspiring thought behind this initiative leads us towards creating smiles with a hope in our heart for a bright and aspiring future of many.


Mayori partners with NGO’s and other organizations working for the welfare for needful people. The thought behind this little initiative is to give back to the part of society that struggle to fulfil the basic requirements of lives.

With your each purchase, we give away an item like table cloth or scarf to the NGO to be sold off at the exhibitions or elsewhere and with the money made the organization works towards providing the under privileged people with the basic necessities of life.

Even your smallest buy, can help change lives of many. With this little thought, to bring in a positive change in the society we hope you join hands with us and help us achieve the dream of a happy living for all.


Praveen Lata Sansthan

Spotless Dame is an initiative by Praveen Lata Sansthan for women living in slums and rural parts of India with no access to sanitation. 

An innovation around sanitation through cloth pad project, an organic and eco-friendly pad made of natural fiber having super absorbency and antibacterial features. These pads can be reused for 5 years.

Mayori supported the conception of the "Spotless Dame" initiative by providing the manufacturing infrastructure like serving machines and providing vocational training to the underprivileged girls working at Praveenlata of stitchs and pattern cut. We have donated more then 10000 pads in Kits of 4.



Annam is a welfare organization working towards providing high quality nutrition supplements to the underprivileged children and women in the city of Mumbai so that they can have a chance at a healthy life.

The organisation aims to serve different sections of the underprivileged, namely children and women requiring nutritional support for not only medical reasons but also for the well-being and positive development of body and mind, so that they can become positive contributors to their environment.

To accomplish their mission they partner with NGOs and Social Work groups who work with local communities, shelters, hospitals etc.