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Diwali celebration ideas

Diwali celebration ideas

Eco-friendly ideas for the grandest festival season, Happy diwali.

Diwali is the grandest of all festivals celebrated in India. The lights from a thousand earthen diya's, the sound of all our laughter, and the smell of aromatic dishes fill the air as we get together with our loved ones and celebrate being alive.

But with celebrations comes a lot of pollution. If the pandemic has left a lesson for us to learn from, it is to value mother Earth and take care of our resources.

So, here are a few unconventional ways to celebrate a clean and eco-friendly Diwali because even our future generations must get a chance to enjoy this grand festival.


Create your own decor. From crepe paper torans to handmade lanterns, jewelry. Many things you can do to create your decor at home. Old glass jars can turn into pretty lamps, or you can even turn a brown paper bag into something beautiful. Just use your imagination!

create your own decor

Handmade gifts. Handmade gifts are a great way to show someone how much you love them because of all the personal touches you can add to your gifts. If someone in your family loves flowers, you could create pressed flower candles for them or even learn how to make cute raisin floral jewelry. It does not have to be perfect; the thought behind your handmade gift is what counts the most!

Handmade gifts

Volunteer. Spend some time on a cause you believe in! From beach cleanups to helping feed the homeless, or caring for street animals who are especially distressed due to the loud noises and air pollution caused by firecrackers, there is a lot you can do to help out. Connect with your local community members or NGOs to volunteer your time.


Cook at home. Did you know that cooking at home can help reduce food wastage, unnecessary packing and is much better for your health? Recreate your old family recipes at home and bond with younger family members by talking about your heritage and culture. You can buy hand-blended spice mixes from Mayori to recreate some of the most famous spicy Indian festive snacks and meals at home with zero hassle.

spicy Indian festive snacks

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