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Five Sustainable New year’s resolutions to make in 2022

Five Sustainable New year’s resolutions to make in 2022

The best way to start off your new year is by making and keeping resolutions that help you improve your lifestyle choices. Going sustainable is a great way to reconnect with the environment and become more conscious of your consumption habits. You can introduce sustainability in your everyday life without turning into a hippie. 

  1. Reduce your plastic consumption: Plastic is everywhere! So how do you reduce your plastic consumption? Here are three ways to reduce plastic in your everyday life:say no to plastic
  • Look at the packaging- Some manufacturers use cardboard packaging, paper, and even recycled material for your essentials such as laundry detergent, clothing, food items, etc. Opt for brands that are conscious about their packaging and you can reduce a lot of plastic waste in your daily life. 
  • Go wholesale- Bulk purchasing can be cost-effective, sustainable, and fun! Carry bags and jars from home to visit farmer’s markets, food halls, or even your local kinnara store. 
  • Say no to single-use plastic- do not use single-use plastic such as straws and plastic bags. They are horrible for the environment and you can easily find alternatives. Just sip your drink instead!
  • Upcycle or donate old clothes and garments- Sustainable fashion does not mean only purchasing from sustainable brands but also reducing your consumption and wastage of fabric. Jazz up your old denim jacket with some fun accessories, gemstones, patches, use your imagination to create tote bags from old t-shirts or make a quilt. Donate clothes that you no longer want but are still in good condition. You can easily find an NGO near your home and they will come and collect your donation.donate old clothes
  1. Choose eco-friendly brands- In the past few decades, many brands have adopted sustainable practices and eco-friendly products, and the COVID19 crisis has pushed the demand for such brands. You can do a quick google search to find out which of your preferred brands are sustainable or find eco-friendly alternatives. You can find eco-friendly products in almost every category, provided you do some research before friendly brands
  2. Try a minimal wardrobe- A minimal wardrobe has classic essentials made from good quality fabric with a timeless style that you can wear for years. The trick is to buy a few quirky pieces that scream your personality and invest in basics that you can easily style for an everyday look. Start with identifying your sense of style, what kind of fit you like, the colors that work well on your complexation, and what types of fabrics your skin loves. Remember quality over quantity!minimal wardrode
  3. Promote Slow Fashion-  Slow fashion is creating designs through a transparent production process that reduces the adverse effects on the environment, respects the artisans, and causes no harm to animals. Slow fashion means more time is spent creating unique designs than mass-producing trendy outfits that do not even last for a few years. Shop from slow Fashion brands like Mayori to go sustainable this new year!

 slow fashion brands

“Most people will passively do exactly what they did last year. Whatever you do, don't let that person be you.”

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