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How to Use Free Time Effectively (11 Productive Things To Do At Home)

Let’s make this “House Arrest” remarkable!

Pandemic has left us all in our houses. We hope to get out of the current scenario as soon as possible, but until then let’s try and make the most of it, let’s make these moments memorable.

Cinema halls are shut; your favorite café is closed down, sporting events are postponed, the government has announced a lockdown for the next 21 days!

You hear it right, isn’t this the time you have been craving for; the time you wanted to spend with your family; the time you wanted for yourself?

Ah! But you seem to be already bored, getting crazy with nothing to do at all. We have compiled a list of 11 suggestions for the next 21 days; we have for you to keep yourself busy and maybe productive too.

Start Prepping Your Kitchen Garden: There are 100s of blogs on the DIY kitchen garden. Involve your family members too and start preparing your summer kitchen plants. Paint the pots too, time to show off your creativity

Face Mask and Hair Mask: Believe me or not, this is the best time to pamper your skin and hair. Treat yourself to a skincare routine you don’t have time for during a normal workweek. Had your portion of Vitamin c, now keep the leftover orange peels in sun. Use it for your masks. We don’t want to waste any essentials right? Look out DIY leftover face masks and hair masks on the internet and indulge in some me-time.

Binge-watch Shows: There are lots of new shows you can binge-watch, don’t have a Netflix account? Don’t want to spend heftily on Netflix? We have some rational channels and show ideas for you.

Subscribe for Voot Select for 99 Rs/ month- Watch Asur & Marzi and then watch FRIENDS.

Download Hotstar VIP and watch Special Ops & Out of Love.

Exercise & Stay Fit: You aren’t able to hit the gym and your body is craving for your usual exercise regime. How about doing Surya Namaskar back to back? How about introducing yoga to your home?

Board Games: Time to take out all your board games that are all covered in dust from a long time, clean them up and keep the entire family bonded and entertained. Let's revisit childhood.

Video Games: Beg, borrow or steal – Remember when you screamed at your kid for playing PSU without taking a break, time to reprimand your own Karma. Ask that for PSU and take your chance and keep yourself busy with some games.

Video Con Calls: Take out that list of long lost friends and keep in mind everyone is getting bored, they won’t mind your call. Do a con- call with all your cousins in one frame or aren’t you already missing your BAE from office- how about a con call with office group?

Dance with Your 2 Left Feet: Get the music on and do the bhangra. I just hope it doesn’t bother your neighbors.

Learn New Hairstyles: Plain buns and braids have been your everyday hairstyles for office. Start preparing new looks for your next set of office days. Thank God we have internet, try out new braids and easy hairstyles.

Organize Your Wardrobe: Take out all your Mayori kurtas, tops, and bottoms. How about reorganizing the sets? Keep in mind that all our tops and bottoms are designed in a way that they can be coordinated with any of them. Bring out your fashion diva and try new looks for you.

DIY Home Décor: Pinterest is full of ideas for DIY home décor ideas. Take out your brush, colors, cardboard boxes, and other essentials. Bring out an artist in you, don’t forget to have your meals in between; we are sure that once you start the process, you will forget everything else. “The sole purpose of art is to stop time”

Try these out and pour in your suggestions too.

We wish you all very safe and healthy days ahead. Stay Comfortable in your “Wash at home” Mayori attire.

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