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The perfect winter bedding!

The perfect winter bedding!

As we prepare for a winter season, it’s time to make seasonal changes around the house. It’s definitely going to be cozier, darker, and a bit more colorful- in a desaturated palette sort of way.

Go through our quick and easy winter bed linen manual and pick your cold-weather pal wisely, this season.

Cotton Bedsheet:
A lighter option, cotton is common choice when it comes to bedsheets in any season. You can pair cotton sheets with a lil fuller blanket to keep warm at night while not feeling like you’re stuck in a layer of heat and humidity. For a comfortable winter sleeping situation, go for a right mix and match of different sheets, blankets, and duvet covers to get you through the chilling night and cotton bedsheet is a constant for your bedding needs.
Tip: Go for a colorful cotton bedsheet during winter.
Quilts, also called razai are the traditional blankets used since a long time to keep one comfortable and warm during winters.
When it comes to Razai, Jaipuri Razais are famous all over the world for their warmth and comfort as they are superbly lightweight & ultimately soft.
While normal Razais or quilts are filled with either duck feather, polyfill, cotton, polyester or a mix of cotton and polyfill. However, Jaipuri Razais are filled with fine cotton. When you bring a Jaipuri Razai you don’t just buy a quilt, you bring in colors, designs, patterns, and hard work of so many artisans.

Tip: Jaipuri patchwork Indigo razai from Mayori which is reversible, filled with export quality cotton batting becomes an instant favorite in the bedroom, spreading its grace all over the place.

This is a very lightweight quilt that could also be used as a comforter. It is very handy for the pleasantly cold winters in coastal areas and you can use it to snuggle up in even during summer, without worrying about it getting stuffy. This generally has an outer cover of cotton and lighter filling of cambric inside so that it is flatter than a quilt.
TIP: You can also replace it with your thick AC comforters.

AC Blankets:
They are generally lighter that than the usual blankets, perfect for the not so cold winter days.
At the end of the day, what you find most comfy in bed is up to you. Mix and match fabrics, blankets, comforters, and pillowcases to find which ones keep you warm in the winter.

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