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Colors for 2022

Colors for 2022

The trending colors for 2022 will reflect warmth, positivity, and growth. The COVID19 pandemic has influenced many choices over the last two years, but people are ready to fight back with cheerful optimism. Get ready to see a lot of bright hues this year!

Here are five colors you will see across fashion, interior, and accessories in 2022.


  1. Very Peri: Blue will be the color of the season, and very peri, a mix of blue and purple hues, will rule the roster. Very peri is warm and joyful. Other trending blues will be spun sugar, glacier lake, and harbor blue.

 trending blue color dresses for women

  1. Emerald green: Emerald green represents growth, royalty, and refinement. After being stuck at home for months, we all want to feel grand and extraordinary, and emerald green is just the way to go.

 emerald green color dresses for women

  1. Gossamer pink: A powdery pink that is child-like and fun. Gossamer Pink is a beautiful color, and you can do so much with the right outfit!


  1. Snow White: White is a timeless classic, and this year it represents the need for simplicity and inner peace.

 snow white color dresses for women

  1. Orchid Flower: the orchid flower color reflects escapism through nature and is a saturated maroon color. Add a pop of orchid flower to your outfit to feel wholesome!

 saturated maroon color dresses for women


Following trends need not mean you give in to fast fashion brands. Choose to go sustainable with fashion this year and promote slow fashion brands such as Mayori. They have a wide range of beautiful designs that is a marriage between modern aesthetics and traditional craftsmanship. All outfits in this blog are from the Mayori collection. Check it out here:

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